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I loved Sharon’s interview with Metal Trails Music Magazine. There was this one part where she was asked what she thought of the ‘if you listen to so and so then you aren’t a real metal fan’ statement. She responded “That’s bullshit because then you’re trying to decide for people what they are and what they aren’t.” I think that’s a very true statement. Just because someone listens to say Katy Perry, doesn’t mean they ‘aren’t metal’. I’m kind of glad she called them out on that one.


when someone suprises you with a picture and you actually look good


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To all the people who say “that’s going to look terrible when you’re older” fuck you, this older woman I met at work today has two sleeves and other tattoos in other various places and looks amazing and I would love to look like this rad grandma when I’m her age.


fall colors - black
winter colors - black
spring colors - black
summer colors - black

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